Monday, 22 August 2016

Three little words- Say it now

As a teacher you sometimes surprise yourself. We are just any human beings, like other professionals we also get an education, a degree and then we are thrown into the world of children, students and are expected to teach them and in many cases even bring them up. I work with young kids and there is a lot of bringing up involved in my kind of work. Conflicts is an everyday situation. I remember telling this cheeky little fella something tat surprised me once- I realized how smart I was, how the Guru in me was not only my profession, but I had IT! I pictured myself sitting in front of an ocean of answer-seeking adults and guiding them through their troubles towards a life changing solution. So back to the cheeky fella who with his beautiful eyes and thick eyelashes convinces you by throwing in a sorry. I told him this- Once the words come out of your mouth, you cannot put them back in, you cannot regret enough the damage your words do. Your words can and will be quoted- in your favor or against you. So don't put yourself in that position where you have to say sorry for what you say. If you say something harshly true, because you genuinely meant it, stand for it. You are entitled to change your opinion but don't verbalize your opinions in a way that you would regret later. 

So this post is about words. Our words, that we formulate, that we compose, words that can make or break, words that can do magic, words that can make someone fall in love with you, words that will touch someone so deep that they will quote on their death bed. I sound so sadistic but I have been part of it. 
My father was a man of very few words- like very few. He was very good at expressing his dismay, love and respect, but words were not his thing. Just thinking of him makes me want to cry, I love him so much. He passed away ill. When they called me from the hospital once, he was feeling better and as awkward as those calls can get, it was nice to hear from him, he was speaking. 
Next day, he called me up and my heart skipped a beat. What made him call? He started with an awkward opening line and then abruptly threw in ' I love you beta'- beta meaning son/daughter. Now, this is India in 2008. I love you was not the most common way of father expressing love, actually quite unconventional. 
Till today, that is what I remember when I think of him. 
My daughter had a headache after an intense second day at school- runs in the family I guess. I gave her a head massage, made her a cup of tea, talked her out of it and she felt better. She came to me abruptly later on and told me' Mamma, thanks for what you did for me, it really did help, You are so kind to me'. Made my day, suddenly made me feel good about myself. 
Spoke to a colleague whom I call brother from another mother. Yes, as bitchy as I sound about work sometimes, I have some goodies around me too... we said nice things to each other. Felt so good again. 
Yes, the bad things I have heard and been told make their mark too, but I can really live on memories that some kind words and sweet expressions.
I love you is one such thing. Say it today, I am sure you all love someone, I am positive you all feel it for someone. Why wait? Say it daily! Say something nice to someone on an everyday basis.
Who knows which of your nice words would become someone's nutrition for the soul.
I am thankful for the nice words I have been told, for the love I have received- today.
Good night! and SAY IT

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