Wednesday, 27 July 2016

From pissed to kissed

It is about discovering, and in my case there is somehow a big interest of discovering the art of shopping. I just love it. As materialistic as it may sound, I love it. Over a period, I have proudly moved from shopping for the sake of it to window shopping and buying good stuff we really need. When I say 'we', I literally mean it. No one in this family of four enjoys it or does it. So I have to take the burden of being the stuff provider solely! Except for the techs- where Mr M ( my husband) is the boss.
You know he is one of those who study the techs to a micro level, where to buy, what's good, what's not, compatibility and I cannot even explain because I don't know the technical language. Don't even get me going on my frustrating battles with the new insanely modern remote controls- the one for everything types! Tears, sweat and sometimes it takes so long that even the urge to urinate develops under that time period.
So, it was Mr M's and Mrs N's time to get a new Mac Book home. Well studied about the tech, Mr M and me made our way to this store called Media Markt. While he tried getting me involved in the details, I was satisfied with the look, the beautiful slim body ( can we order one for ourselves?) and hey! I cannot come up with any other criteria of importance to me.
And then came this sales guy on a wheel chair. I have a great respect and appreciation for people in wheel chair who lead a normal life. My father was unfortunately on wheel chair during the last years of his life and he did not have that spirit. So I have an exceptional respect for those who do. An observer as I described myself, I loved the way he spoke, short and precise. But gradually in a short span of 5 minutes his tone started annoying me- like they say in Swedish- dumförklarar! Condescension towards M, making him feel like an idiot basically. You know that rolling of the eyes, trying to exhibit how hard it is trying to have patience, a r t i c u l a t i n g...
The best part being, he was not even right. Please don't ask me what it as, but something about i cloud, sharing, something rather.
The lost drop came when he told M to take care of his own job and let him do his! Yes, you read it right! Service mindedness people! The wheel chair respect, the everyone is an individual theory was tossed out of my system in a second.
I am sorry, if you are bitter, stay home. If you find a decent and curious customer annoying, go sit behind a wall to work where people don't have to deal with you. The Indian in me was boiling and in my mind I visualised the scenario where people were dragging me out from the store for misconduct. Mr M is a very calm person. He noticed my open mouth from the corner of his eyes and told this guy, " Thanks for your help, have a great day!"
Mood swing- From PISSED to calm
Lesson learnt- Count till 10. Don't let anyone get the pleasure of bringing out the worst in you.

After a dialogue exchange with M in the car, my temper cooled down. Bought Mac Book Air from another store and got back home. ( I had to look at the screen to see what I bought- that's how technical I am.)
Home, kitchen, holiday, energy to follow a recipe that is described in 20 steps than 5, chilly chicken with glass noodles and then a white mud cake.
Mood- Love, happiness in small things in life
Lesson learnt- Forget what's not worth remembering- you decide what the worth of each memory of life is.
The night ended with me learning how to use the lap top, few episodes of Modern Family and quite a few kisses from the ones who mean most to me.
So next time  that colleague of yours does that little annoying thing, don't let it get to you. Give back the subtle but strong slap of your elegant composure. Ask yourself the kind of Loreal question- is it worth it?



  1. Great! Again! I could see you in the store ;-)

  2. Haha! This indeed was 'worth it' to read ! Keep writing, बातूनी as you are, I am glad you kept your 'gyan' to yourself 😉!

    1. Yes! imagine during all that gyan out! too much to handle:)