Saturday, 13 January 2018

Finding a passion

After a Christmas holiday being sick here and there, I was back to work. After the first thousand steps at work, I was walking around like a healthy woman, smiling around, chit chatting, working, being effective, being good at what I do and having coffee with my dear colleagues. Of course we exchanged words and experiences about the holidays and very soon into the conversation, I expressed how nice it was to be back, that I loved my work etc etc... Sounds sad? But actually that's the truth. Only to ruin my thunder, a wise colleague nearing retirement had a noticeable expression of concern on his face. I saw that but left him to it. Thought maybe, he hates his job but I knew he didn't so what was that about?
Next day, he told me how he felt. What would you be when you retire? What would you have left to be good at? What would the thing/ talent that wouldn't be taken away from you just because you will be declared 'retired'? 
That is a reason why not everyone can be a teacher. The way you put things up. I got it right away. He didn't have to ask all these questions- the ones I have quoted above, but he certainly made me ask these questions to myself. 
I am creative I thought, I have had phases of creativity. I went to theatre course for 2 years- or rather was forced to by my mother, who I deeply thank in every conversation I have about how fantastic those 2 years were for me, as an individual. I studied shoe designing, then destiny ( yes destiny) threw me to another side of the world and I started doing something completely different. I did engage a lot in painting, did well. I received a sewing machine as a Christmas present from my mother-in-law, and did well with that too. I am known to be the creative person of the family. I get that a lot. What happened now?
In the rush and race of career, family building and everything that life demands of you, my creativity took another form. Finding solutions, working out logistics, listening to my body, being fair to my energy level and simply, the everyday life. 
I decided against new year resolutions this year. I stood there, feeling bare to what life has to offer, taking one day at a time, meeting challenges in order of appearance and success as and if it reaches me/ us. However, that one wise person did evoke an urge in me- to step out of the different roles in life, every now and then (but still often and regularly) and be my creative self. 
I don't know if it applies to everyone, but I would not like to sit there, first day of my retirement, not knowing what to do, trying to figure out what I was good at, what hobbies I gave up.
Life is after all a theatre in itself forcing us to improvise, we all are creative. But maybe we do need a stimulation that we can call our own- something that we can do single handedly.
This was a start and I hope I wouldn't stop. 
Wishing you a fantastic year ahead!

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  1. Thank you Naiyya for a a very thought provoking post 😊. It's about balance and bringing your passions into the classroom too. I need to do more of that.