Friday, 28 July 2017

Cat came home

Yes, literally - no metaphors. 3 years back our beautiful cat Lexie came into our lives through Facebook. A friend's cat got kittens and they decided to put up some pictures for adoptions. A very independent family like ours who love traveling and being spontaneous went against our rules and  had nothing but an awww to say to her photo. She looked into our eyes and told us thats he was meant to be ours. I have never had a cat and as a matter of fact I thought they look scary, with those weird eyes, whose pupils growing big and small depending on the mood- so transparent. I wondered how easy life would be if we all had that function- our pupils becoming a thin line or becoming size of a golf ball based om our moods. 
However, back to the story- Lexie came to us and I fell in love with her. As a christmas present I got a book called 'How to make your cat love you', basically stating that they are the boss- not you. Haha! tell me about it- I know it well with bosses around me in all shapes, age and forms. As tacky as it may sound, but I had a lot of love to give in form of crazy tight hugs and just cozying around- kids growing up and all... our boy is not very fond of mom kissing him all the time. 
So, Lexie is our little baby, the one you get after you have one of the most safe contraceptives to avoid any happenings. Lately, she disappeared for a good 50 something hours. The anxiety I experienced was very uncomfortable. Google, my friend told me to calm down and our wonderful neighbors were very helpful, but I could not let it go! I slept late, went and checked a hundred times, the family went for a search, using the various conditioning tricks to get her attention. She is not stupid just the ruler of her life. I knew that she would come to us when she was ready for it.
Heavy heart is actually a physical state, and I realized that during this span. 
And then while discussing the POA, a bird- quite ugly, came and made a non melodious chirp followed by Lexie- who made a little sound which I interpreted as - I am here now! Covered with seeds from different plants around, she ran to her food bowl and ate and drank like never before. Then she was my little girl for the next hour, receiving  love and kisses, removal of ticks, brushing of hair and a lot of candy! 
She came home- and I also realized how important it is to have a home. To have place we can call home, to come back to some place, to some people, to an environment that makes us feel we belong there. Make homes my friends, not just houses. Warm up your place with love and personalize it with happenings, routines and memories. Decorate it, not just with fancy accessories and expensive pieces to talk about- but also with flaws that speak of you as a person, as a family. That unpainted wall, the chipped wall paper and the tape marks on the wall made with pictures that a child made for you as a token of love. Be home and 'live in' it to a point where you look around and smile and laugh instead of patting your back over the financial achievements that made your place look perfect. 
Meaowww for now.


  1. Beautiful words playing with not only yours but our emotions too <3 Loads of love to you and Lexie

    1. Thanks Sangeeta- you always take your time to read and motivate me:)

  2. Fint skrivet 💗 klok och vacker