Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Dear friends and family...

Dear family and friends... a combination often used to address to a post on social media, speeches made during special happenings and even while making a statement on a somewhat sadder note. It is kind of natural to say that. Made me wonder when I was posting a Christmas greeting with pictures of our family on Facebook- it is basically who we are surrounded with. But then I thought of all those who don't fit into these 2 categories. Hmm... which ones fit into that bracket? Let me see, neighbors who exist but don't, people who were friends once upon a time but not any longer, people I see but don't know personally, colleagues who annoy me but not just enough to be classified as enemies. 

And then who are friends? Now it is starting to sund like a 'quotation book' I maintained as a pre teen, full of emotions. The book had handwritten quotable quotes with deep definitions about friendship and love, trust and betrayal...
But never mind, I will do this little mind mapping for my own sake this time. It is after all Christmas holidays and I have time on me between organizing closets, not only mine- everyones! Don't get me going on my daughter's ability to unorganized things in a matter of an hour!

So, who are friends? After have lived for 40 years and having had a large or even huge group friends who attended all parties /celebrations,  to having to find that one friend who I could open up to- without having to filter my words and insecurities, I have come to realize that people who mean well are actually friends. That's all it takes. Mean well, have good intentions, don't have that sarcastic little ' I told you so' smirk when something went wrong. Staying in touch is not my criteria any longer. We all live quite a complicated life, maintain our schedules, check our calendars and do exactly the same things that we do all week long, at the same time. So finding time for pleasantries is not as easy as it sounds. 

Family on the other side, we are born into families, or married into one. Not much to sort out and choose there-right? Things go wrong within families, relationships go sour, even break. We dislike some, despise the others, adore some, wish we could operate brains on some etc etc... But they are related to us- like it or not. You may make announcement that the relationship is over- but you know it's not and it never will be. So why not just embrace the fact, let time take its toll and sleep over differences, wake up one day and realize that it is OK! It is after all family. 

Friends we choose, families we don't. That is the truth- at least for me. 

So dear family and friends- thanks for being there, and for the times you weren't there- maybe it was for the best. I want to wish you all a good year ahead, happiness and positivities. Talk shit about me, fine, that is purely your karma. I will do my share and I will either love you, or choose to put you on hold till I am ready. 

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